Dendraster terminalis Grant & Hertlein 1938

Family: Dendrasteridae

Order: Clypeasteroida

Locality: Mexico, off Guadaloupe island, dived by aballone collectors, mid. 1980

Dimensions: 84 x 96 x 17 mm


I bought the specimen as Dendraster terminalis, but I have some doubt, if the taxon is correct. Regarding the food grooves, which extent to the margin and even to the aboral side, it can easily be a Dendraster excentricus (Eschholtz 1831). In a true Dendraster terminalis the food grooves do not extend to the aboral side. A third species is Dendraster vizcainoensis Grant & Hertlein 1938, which has food grooves extending to the aboral side into the petals. All three species may overlap in Baja California.