Echinolampas species

Family: Echinolampadidae

Order: Cassiduloida

Locality: China Sea, 2007

Dimensions: 61 x 53 x 25 mm


The specimen is surely not Echinolampas sternopetala, because in this species the pore pairs are much more unequal in length. I asked Dr. Andrew Smith for his opinion and got the following answer.

As for your Echinolampas the pictures are not quite clear enough to tell exactly what is going on in the phyllode region, but the specimen seems to be Echinolampas chuni or possibly E. alexandri ­ the difference is in the phyllodes as they approach the moth ­ in E. chuni the phyllodes taper continuously whereas in E. alexandri they are a little bowed breaking the smooth taper.

Having at hand neither detailed descriptions nor pictures of E. chuni and E. alexandri for comparison I am tending to E. chuni as the phyllodes seem to taper continously and the test is conspiciously lower than the tests known to me as E. alexandri from off Phuket.