Eupatagus lymani Lambert & Thierry 1924

Family: Brissidae

Order: Spatangoida

Locality: Philippines, off Panglao Island, 60 m

Dimensions: 37 x 29 x 14 mm


I got this specimen with the abovementioned taxon and locality. Following my literature

Heinke Schultz
Sea urchins, a guide to worldwide shallow water species
page 386


Th. Mortensen
A Monograph of the Echinoidea, V.2, Spatangoida.II., 1952, page 472 -473

the true Eupatagus lymani (or formerly Gymnopatagus pulchellus A. Agassiz & Clark) should occur only around Hawaii. Mortensen himself did not see any specimen and had all his knowledge from Clark´s description. Nevertheless, he remarked a near relationship between E. lymani and E. micropetalus (from the Sagami Sea) and had some doubt, if they were really different species. However, he remarked also some differences, amongst others the rosy colour in E. lymani and a dirty withish in E. micropetalus. The question is, if E. lymani is also present in the Philippines and its distribution thus wider than assumed in Mortensen´s time or if the taxon is not correct.