Pericosmus macronesius Koehler 1914

Family: Pericosmidae

Order: Spatangoida

Locality: Philippines, Balicasag Island, 100 m, by tangle nets, 2005

Dimensions: 61,7 x  61,1 x 38,4 mm


I got this specimen as Pericosmus macronesius, but I don´t know, if the taxon is correct. With concern to the outer shape the specimen is similar to the Pericosmus macronesius shown in Heinke Schultz, Sea urchins, Figs. 841 and 842, pages 451/452, but a denuded test is there visible only as side view. The peripetalous fasciole of my specimen, although not so clearly visible, seems to have only an angle and not a deep indentation in the interambulacra (see upper part of the left upper picture).