Peronella pellucida Doederlein 1885 

Family: Laganidae

Order: Clypeasteroida

Locality: Philippines, 100 - 200 m taken by tangle nets,, 2009

Dimensions: 38 x  36 x 6 mm


Although I got this specimen from the Philippines, it fits well with the description given by Heinke Schultz, Sea Urchins, page 331, for Peronella pellucida:

Peronella pellucida Doederlein 1885 has a very thin and fragile test and short petals. The periproct lies slightly posterior to mid-length between peristome and posterior margin. Colour: in life yellowish-white to greyish-pink, the bare test is whitish. It is known from central Japan to south Kyushu. 75-550 m deep.