Bathysalenia cincta Agassiz & Clark 1907

Family: Saleniidae

Order: Salenioida

Locality: Philippines, Olango Island, deep water, taken by tangle nets, 2006

Dimensions: 9 mm Ø (test)
longest spine 44 mm


This species is on the market under the taxon Salenia cincta. In the Echinoid Directory of the NHM only Bathysalenia cincta is mentioned, occuring in Japanese waters. In "Sea Urchins" by Heinke Schultz only two recent genera of the order Salenioida are mentioned, namely Salenia and Salenocidaris.

Location: Philippines, Siquijor, 250 feet deep water, 2006

Dimensions: 10 mm Ø (test)
longest spine 50 mm

The anal opening is surrounded by a rim and excentrically displaced.