Caenopedina annulata Mortensen

Family: Pedinidae

Order: Pedinoida

Locality: Philippines, Mactan, deep water, 2005

Dimensions: 31 mm
longest spine: 102 mm

After lacking information for a longer time I have now at hand Th. Mortensen, A Monograph of the Echinoidea, III.1. I learned, that the correct taxon is with a high probability Caenopdina annulata. The following cited sentences may confirm this:

The primary spines are very conspicuously banded by narrow, well limited reddish-brown bands on a greenish-white ground colour. There are some 12-14 dark bands on the largest spines; towards the end of the spines they may partly fuse into some broader bands.

The secondary spines are whitish with a faint of greenish tinge.

As stated above, there is a dark brownish band in the middle of the genital plates, forming a conspicuous ring round the anal system.