Coelopleurus maculatus Agassiz & Clark 1907  

Family: Arbaciidae

Order: Arbacioida

Locality: North-East off Taiwan

Dimensions: 25 Ø x  15 mm


Locality: off Taiwan, 32 m Dimensions: 31 Ø x  18 mm
Not sure, what species it was, I asked Dr. Simon Coppard. Here is his answer:

This is the test of C. maculatus. This species shows remarkable diversity in the colour of the naked test, put has an undulating edge to the naked median region of the interambulacra, the naked region stops well above the ambitus (in C. longicollis this ends at the ambitus)and lacks the undulating lavender line seen in C. longicollis and C. granulatus, but has a light coloured suture line down the centre of the naked median region (this is not always very apparent). Although there seems to be remarkable diversity in the colour or the naked test of C. maculatus, the spine and pedicellariae show consistency in structure and colouration.