Compsocidaris pyrsacantha Ikeda 1939

Family: Cidaridae

Order: Cidaroida

Locality: Philippines, Balut Island, 200 - 300 m, by tangle nets, 2011

Dimensions: 60,5 mm Ø x 45,5 mm


I got this specimen as Compsocidaris pyrsacantha, but I thought, that the correct taxon was another one. Following
the pore pairs should be non-conjugate, but in the present specimen they are. Furtheron the true C. pyrsacantha seemed to occur only around Japan.

Later on in "Sea Urchins III" by Heinke Schultz I found pages 890-891, dealing with Compsocidaris pyrsacantha. Especially Fig. 1501 shows a specimen, also from Balut Island, fitting very well with the specimen above.