Eucidaris tribuloides africana (Lamarck 1816)

Family: Cidaridae

Order: Cidaroida

Locality: Cape Verde Island, Boa Vista, dived in shallow water

Dimensions:40 Ø mm (test)
88 mm over spines

Bought as Eucidaris tribuloides africana (Mortensen 1909) . Although the locality is near the African West-Coast and situated in the Eastern part of the Central Atlantic,the question is, if africana has really the rank of a valid sub-species. According to WoRMS it is only a subjective junior synomym for Eucidaris tribuloides (Lamarck 1816). ITIS shows Eucidaris tribuloides tribuloides and Eucidaris tribuloides africana as "childs" of Eucidaris tribuloides.