Salmacis species

Family: Temnopleuridae

Order: Temnopleuroida

Locality: Philippines, Palawan, 290 m, 2010

Dimensions: 46,5 Ø x 34 mm

I got this specimen as Salmacis rubricincta. This species has acc. to Mortensen white primaries with a few narrow rings of bright red. Also the lozenge shaped figures in the interambulacra are present. But the colour of the test should be pale apple green. Although the test has not thouroughly be cleaned, I do not believe that it may change to green. Rosy lozenge shaped figures are also known from Salmacis bicolor, but the test should be greenish again and the primaries should be red-yellowish/greenish banded with a red base . Mortensen mentioned another species with lozenge shaped figures in the interambukacra, but without enough other details: Salmacis roseo-viridis Koehler. There is at least a good coincidence with the pattern of Plate V, Fig. 9 (A Mongraph of the Echinoidea III.2 ). The same plate shows in fig. 3-6 Salmacis rubricincta .The outer shape of this anormal specimen, however, is very similar to the anormal species of Salmacis bicolor rarispina L. Agassiz shown in fig.11 (but as otherwise mentioned, such anormal forms are not rare in the genus Salmacis and may occur in other species, too).

If you have better information, please, contact me!