Schizocidaris assimilis Mortensen 1903

Family: Cidaridae

Order: Cidaroida

Locality: Philippines, off Balicasag Island, 250-300 feet, 2006

Dimensions: 17 Ø x 12 mm
longest spine ab. 30 mm


I got this specimen without taxon, but the outer shape fits well with the pictures given by Mortensen for Schizicidaris assimils in "A Monograph of the Echinoidea, I, Cidaroida, 1928, plate XVII, 1-9. In the description under "Colour" Mortensen remarks: Primary spines pure white. Secondaries and test yellowish-white. The naked test of more or less pronounced greenish tint, the periproct and the genital plates being the darkest, forming thus a more or less conspicuous starshaped figure. Although this specimen is not denuded, the starshaped figure is clearly visible.