Stereocidaris indica Doederlein 1901

Family: Cidaridae

Order: Cidaroida

Locality: Philippines, Balut Island, 200m, 2008

Dimensions: 61 mm Ø x 27 mm


In Ashley Miskelly´s book "Sea urchins of the world", page 31, a Stereocidaris indica is shown with a great similarity. In the Echinoid Directory ( it is called Temnocidaris (Stereocidaris) indica Doederlein 1901. Also Th. Mortensen, "A Monograph of the Echinoidea", I, Cidaroida, table XXV, shows a similar picture. Nevertheless, I have some doubt, because Mortensen remarks on page 264 of the cited work, that "This species, so characteristic, especially through............, its small peristome (only ca. 25% h.d.),.......... ". My specimen has a peristome-diameter-ratio of 36%, far extending the figure given by Mortensen. On the other side Mortensen gives for Stereocidaris (Phalocrocidaris) japonica ratios from 34,4 % up to 46%. Why not a similar range for St. indica, which indeed has been reported from the Philippines, whereas St. japonica seems to be restricted only to Japanese waters. Some help would be welcome!