Strongylocentrotus pallidus (Sars 1871)

Family: Strongylocentrotidae

Order: Echinoida

Locality: North Atlantic, 100 km north of Tromsoe (no details)

Dimensions: 41 Ø x 22 mm

I got some specimens from the North Atlantic. At least one of them seems to be Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis. The others are different. Comparing with my old Mortensen descriptions they come near to Strongylocentrotus sachalinicus (see sketches above from the apical system and the pore zone). From the Echinoid Directory I learned, that S. sachalinicus and S. echinoides are nowadays synonymized with S. pallidus, which is reported from the Arctic coasts (Bering Sea, North Pacific, North Atlantic). However, even Mortensen was sometimes in doubt, if he had a new species or only a local variety.
All specimens are from the same locality as above. Colour variations may be partly due to different degrees of cleaning, although they were all together subject to the same procedure.