Temnopleurus toreumaticus Leske 1778

Family: Temnopleuridae

Order: Temnopleuroida

Locality: The Gambia, around Batukunku, Tanji area, from fishermen nets, 2014

Dimensions: 42,5 Ø x 22,9 mm

I got this and some others specimens without taxon from a seller in Gambia. After cleaning I remarked a structure with deep furrows and crenulated tubercles similar to Temnopleurus toreumaticus. As according to my literature Temnopleuridae have never been reported from the Atlantic, I asked the seller, if the locality "The Gambia, North Atlantic" is really the correct one. He confirmed, that the urchins have been picked up from the nets of local fishermen. If I believe this; the conclusion is, that at least one Temnopleurid is occuring outside the Indo-Pacific.

Haan, 16.03.2014

Today, Febr. 25, 2018, I got an email-notice from Yves Billaud, confirming my opinion and mentioning a related website (http://gclme.iwlearn.org/publications/our-publications/state-of-the-coastal-and-marine-ecosystems-in-gclme/view), which I could not open until now. But I found another website concerning Nigeria (http://archive.iwlearn.net/globallast.imo.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Nigeria-BWM-Strategy_-Alo-Report_-Updated-Version-280611.pdf)., including on page 9 the following citation:

d) Similarly, in 1981 the Indo-Pacific sea urchin, Temnopleurus toreumaticus suddenly appeared
in the Bonny River through ballast water. It has become a pest as it takes fish baits from
hooks, consumes fish caught in nets, entangles nets, and wounds the hands and foot of fishers.

It is not unlikely, that the same happend in The Gambia and/or this species had time enough to spread along the coast. Nevertheless, it seems to take a long time until such facts are mentioned in the sea urchin literature.